Netanyahu calls for immediate evacuation of civilians from Gaza amid escalating conflict

In a dramatic address to the nation, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, issued a fervent call for residents of the Gaza Strip to evacuate without delay. In response to the escalating conflict with the Hamas terrorist group, Netanyahu pledged to utilize the full force of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to dismantle Hamas’s capabilities and ensure that the events of this Saturday, which he described as “unprecedented in Israel,” will not be repeated.

“This will not happen again,” Netanyahu declared, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. “We will win this war, but the price will be unbearably high,” he added. The Prime Minister expressed a determination to fight to the end and seek vengeance for the tragic events that unfolded.

Netanyahu detailed Israel’s intentions to conduct widespread attacks on Hamas-controlled areas, reducing their hiding places and operational bases to rubble. He made it clear that the scope of these operations would extend across the entire territory under Hamas control.

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In a parallel message, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a stark warning, stating that the repercussions of the conflict would alter the reality in the Gaza Strip for the next half-century. He condemned the indiscriminate nature of the recent attacks by terrorists, which resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives.

“They (the terrorists) did not distinguish between women, children, and the elderly; they harmed everyone,” Gallant asserted. He predicted that Hamas would soon come to regret its actions and be held accountable for them. His video message underscored the resolve of the Israeli government to reshape the situation in Gaza for decades to come.

Amid this escalating conflict, the death toll from a significant Hamas attack on Israel has surged, with doctors reporting over 250 casualties. Tragically, the number of victims is expected to rise further. The wounded count stands at a staggering 1,450 individuals, with many in critical condition, underscoring the severe humanitarian toll of the ongoing hostilities.(Turan)

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