Today is Earth Wednesday

Today March 19 marks the Ilahir (Final) Çərşənbə, or the Earth Wednesday of the month of Novruz – the holiday of spring, the arrival of the New Year according to the astronomical solar calendar. This fourth Wednesday is associated with mythical beliefs in the awakening and revival of the earth.

It is believed that by the Fourth Wednesday the soil is ready for sowing and seeds can be planted. The Earth environment changes the face of the Earth, and people have more strength to overcome deprivation, lack and hardships.

By tradition, the meeting of the four Wednesdays of Novruz begins on Tuesday. The decoration of the festive table is pilaf, seeds, candles, traditional oriental sweets, assorted nuts, dried fruits, nougat, sweets, colored eggs, etc.

The climax of Nowruz will be the day of the vernal equinox which will come on March 20. This marks the beginning of the new year according to the solar calendar and is celebrated with public celebrations and feasts.

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