Pashinyan says four villages in Gazakh region should be given away

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s trip to the border villages of Armenia’s Tavush region and his statements at a meeting with local residents became a sensation.

Speaking to residents of Voskepar village Pashinyan warned of the possibility of a new war “before the end of the week” if the Armenian side refuses to discuss the delimitation and demarcation of the border with Azerbaijan.

“If you refuse, it means there will be a war at the end of the week. And I know what will happen at the end of this war. Then, when we meet somewhere on Republic Square, you will say, ‘OK, we are simple villagers, we had no information, but you knew everything,'” Pashinyan said. He added that if Armenia gives something, it also demands something in return, Armenian media quoted him as saying.

Armenia should not allow a war with Azerbaijan, so it is necessary to go for “border adjustment,” the Prime Minister said. According to him, “there is a real possibility” to start the process of delimitation and demarcation of the border in Tavush region on the section from Baganis village to Berkaber village in Tavush region.

The Armenian Prime Minister also stated that the authorities plan to build new roads in Tavush in order to exclude the blockade of Armenian villages.

Let’s remember that in this place in the early 90s Armenians seized seven villages on Azerbaijani territory. Of these, 4 villages are located directly on the territory of Gazakh region: Baganis Ayrym, Ashagy Askipara, Kheyrimli and Gizilgajyly.

Three more villages are enclaves surrounded by Armenian territory – Yukhary Askipara, Sofulu and Barkhudarli. Another enclave is Kyarki, on Armenia’s border with Nakhchivan.

In turn, Azerbaijan captured the Armenian enclave of Artsvashen (Bashkend).

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