Presidential Assistant: Azerbaijan can become bridge between Global North and South

The main topic of COP29 in Baku will be climate finance, which is a rather complex issue. However, Azerbaijan has numerous advantages, which may facilitate reaching a consensus between parties with different positions and points of view, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said in an interview with the Chinese CGTN TV, Report informs.

“This is a difficult issue, and so is finding a consensus between parties with different points of view. But I think this is achievable,” said the assistant to the President of Azerbaijan.

According to Hajiyev, Azerbaijan will do everything possible to bring together the opinions of the Global North and South, while the voice of the latter should also be heard.

“The Global South, developing and least developed countries have their special problems and difficulties, which is why the Loss and Damage Fund was created. Funding issues and financial resources are key,” he noted.

According to him, Azerbaijan has a strategic advantage in finding such a solution and consensus: “Azerbaijan is a developing country, it has successfully chaired the Non-Aligned Movement and is a member of the G77 Group, which covers almost half the world. Azerbaijan is also a member of some European institutions and has interconnections with the EU. I think that such a position will be instrumental in achieving consensus, as well as in achieving greater solidarity between the Global North and South.”

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