Alesker Mammadli appealed to the ECHR with a complaint against the Azerbaijani courts

The founder of “Toplum TV,” Alesker Mammadli, who is being held in a pre-trial detention center, appealed to the European Court of Human Rights against the decision of the Baku Court of Appeal, which upheld the decision of the Khatai Court to imprison Mammadli for a period of four months. Mammadli demands to replace the measure of restraint with house arrest, since detention does not allow him to complete the examination recommended by doctors in order to determine the danger of tumors found in him, Alesker Mammadli’s brother, politician Nasimi Mammadli told Turan. The complaint to the ECHR was filed in accordance with Article 39, which provides for urgent consideration in connection with the serious illness of the accused.

On March 8, the day of his detention, Istanbul Hospital doctors found tumors in Alesker Mammadli’s various organs. The largest tumor was found in the thyroid gland, measuring 22 mm. The clinic recommended a biopsy of the detected tumors. But it is impossible to conduct such an analysis in a pre-trial detention facility, since the Prison Service hospital does not have the necessary equipment,” Nasimi Mammadli explained.

On the day of the arrest, Mammadli’s apartment was searched, and the police announced the discovery of 7,300 euros. Mammadli denies that the money belongs to him. On March 9, the Khatai District Court of Baku sentenced Alesker Mammadli to four months in a pre-trial detention center. On March 15, the Court of Appeal upheld this decision. Mammadli is accused of illegally importing foreign currency into Azerbaijan.

Alesker Mammadli and his lawyer demand that the preventive measure be changed to house arrest in order to determine the danger of the detected tumors. Alesker did not commit acts contrary to the law and therefore refused to testify, in accordance with the legal right not to give evidence that can be used against him,” Nasimi Mammadli said.

A.Mammadli does not complain about the conditions of detention, he takes medicines prescribed by doctors in the cell. The patient is feeling unwell, it is difficult for him to breathe,” said his brother Nasimi Mammadli.

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