Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry responded to Armenia’s accusations

The Armenian Foreign Ministry continues attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. So, following another such attempt in connection with the participation of international organizations in an event held in Azerbaijan a few days ago, the Armenian Foreign Ministry is now doing the same on another issue, stated the official representative of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva in connection with the unfounded accusations of the Armenian Foreign Ministry against Baku in connection with the gas supply to Karabakh. Armenia’s insistence on baseless accusations, demonstrating an unconstructive approach, reveals the true intentions of this country, Abdullayeva said.

“We would advise Armenia to ensure the fulfillment of its obligations, including the withdrawal of the remnants of its armed forces from the region, and thus contribute to regional peace and security, and not make baseless and illegal accusations,” the official representative of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry emphasized.

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